FIFA World Cup 2014 Schedule Malaysia Time / Singapore TimeFIFA World Cup 2014 Schedule Malaysia Time / Singapore Time

FIFA World Cup 2014 Schedule Malaysia Time / Singapore Time

FIFA World Cup 2014 Schedule Malaysia Time / Singapore Time

Friday, 13 June
Group A, Sao Paulo

Brazil     vs.    Croatia
4:00 AM MYT

Saturday, 14 June
Group A, Natal

Mexico     vs.    Cameroon
12:00 AM MYT
Group B, Salvador

Spain     vs.    Netherlands
3:00 AM MYT
Group B, Cuiaba

Chile  vs. Australia
6:00 AM MYT

Sunday, 15 June
Group C, Belo Horizonte

Colombia  vs.  Greece
12:00 AM MYT
Group D, Fortaleza

Uruguay  vs.  Costa Rica
3:00 AM MYT
Group D, Manaus

England  vs.  Italy
6:00 AM MYT
Group C, Recife

Côte d’Ivoire  vs.  Japan
9:00 AM MYT

Monday, 16 June
Group E, Brasilia

Switzerland  vs.  Ecuador
12:00 AM MYT
Group E, Porto Alegre

France  vs.  Honduras
3:00 AM MYT
Group F, Rio de Janeiro

Argentina  vs.  Bosnia-Herzegovina
6:00 AM MYT

Tuesday, 17 June
Group G, Salvador

Germany  vs.  Portugal
12:00 AM MYT
Group F, Curitiba

Iran  vs.  Nigeria
3:00 AM MYT
Group G, Natal

Ghana  vs.  USA
6:00 AM MYT

Wednesday, 18 June
Group H, Belo Horizonte

Belgium  vs.  Algeria
12:00 AM MYT
Group A, Fortaleza

Brazil  vs.  Mexico
3:00 AM MYT
Group H, Cuiaba

Russia  vs.  South Korea
6:00 AM MYT

Thursday, 19 June
Group B, Porto Alegre

Australia  vs.  Netherlands
12:00 AM MYT
Group B, Rio de Janeiro

Spain  vs.  Chile
3:00 AM MYT
Group A, Manaus

Cameroon  vs.  Croatia
6:00 AM MYT

Friday, 20 June
Group C, Brasilia

Colombia  vs.  Côte d’Ivoire
12:00 AM MYT
Group D, Sao Paulo

Uruguay  vs.  England
3:00 AM MYT
Group C, Natal

Japan  vs.  Greece
6:00 AM MYT

Saturday, 21 June
Group D, Recife

Italy  vs.  Costa Rica
12:00 AM MYT
Group E, Salvador

Switzerland  vs.  France
3:00 AM MYT
Group E, Curitiba

Honduras  vs.  Ecuador
6:00 AM MYT

Sunday, 22 June
Group F, Belo Horizonte

Argentina  vs.  Iran
12:00 AM MYT
Group G, Fortaleza

Germany  vs.  Ghana
3:00 AM MYT
Group F,Cuiaba

Nigeria  vs.  Bosnia-Herzegovina
6:00 AM MYT

Monday, 23 June
Group H, Rio de Janeiro

Belgium  vs.  Russia
12:00 AM MYT
Group H, Porto Alegre

South Korea  vs.  Algeria
3:00 AM MYT
Group G, Manaus

USA  vs.  Portugal
6:00 AM MYT

Tuesday, 24 June
Group B, Sao Paulo

Netherlands  vs.  Chile
12:00 AM MYT
Group B, Curitiba

Australia  vs.  Spain
12:00 AM MYT
Group A, Recife

Croatia  vs.  Mexico
4:00 AM MYT
Group A, Brasilia

Cameroon  vs.  Brazil
4:00 AM MYT

Wednesday, 25 June
Group D, Natal

Italy  vs.  Uruguay
12:00 AM MYT
Group D, Belo Horizonte

Costa Rica  vs.  England
12:00 AM MYT
Group C, Cuiaba

Japan  vs.  Colombia
4:00 AM MYT
Group C, Fortaleza

Greece  vs.  Côte d’Ivoire
4:00 AM MYT

Thursday, 26 June
Group F, Salvador

Bosnia-Herzegovina  vs.  Iran
12:00 AM MYT
Group F, Porto Alegre

Nigeria  vs.  Argentina
12:00 AM MYT
Group E, Manaus

Honduras  vs.  Switzerland
4:00 AM MYT
Group E, Rio de Janeiro

Ecuador  vs.  France
4:00 AM MYT

Friday, 27 June
Group G, Brasilia

Portugal  vs.  Ghana
12:00 AM MYT
Group G, Recife

USA  vs.  Germany
12:00 AM MYT
Group H, Curitiba

Algeria  vs.  Russia
4:00 AM MYT
Group H, Sao Paulo

South Korea  vs.  Belgium
4:00 AM MYT

Sunday, 29 June
Belo Horizonte Round of 16

Group A Winner  vs.  Group B Second Place
12:00 AM MYT
Rio de Janeiro Round of 16

Group C Winner  vs.  Group D Second Place
4:00 AM MYT


Monday, 30 June
Fortaleza Round of 16

Group B Winner      vs.      Group A Second Place
12:00 AM MYT
Recife Round of 16

Group D Winner     vs.    Group C Second Place
4:00 AM MYT

Tuesday, 1 July
Brasilia Round of 16

Group E Winner     vs.    Group F Second Place
12:00 AM MYT
Porto Alegre Round of 16

Group G Winner     vs.    Group H Second Place
4:00 AM MYT

Wednesday, 2 July
Sao Paulo Round of 16

Group F Winner     vs.    Group E Second Place
12:00 AM MYT
Salvador Round of 16

Group H Winner     vs.    Group G Second Place
4:00 AM MYT

Saturday, 5 July
Rio de Janeiro Quarterfinals

Quarter-Finalist 5     vs.    Quarter-Finalist 6
12:00 AM MYT
Fortaleza Quarterfinals

Quarter-Finalist 1     vs.    Quarter-Finalist 2
4:00 AM MYT

Sunday, 6 July
Brasilia Quarterfinals

Quarter-Finalist 7     vs.    Quarter-Finalist 8
12:00 AM MYT
Salvador Quarterfinals

Quarter-Finalist 3     vs.    Quarter-Finalist 4
4:00 AM MYT

Wednesday, 9 July
Belo Horizonte Semifinals

Quarter-Final 1 Winner     vs.    Quarter-Final 2 Winner
4:00 AM MYT

Thursday, 10 July
Sao Paulo Semifinals

Quarter-Final 3 Winner     vs.    Quarter-Final 4 Winner
4:00 AM MYT

Sunday, 13 July
Brasilia Third Place Game

Semi-Final 2 Loser     vs.    Semi-Final 1 Loser
4:00 AM MYT

Monday, 14 July
Rio de Janeiro Final

Semi-Final 1 Winner     vs.    Semi-Final 2 Winner
3:00 AM MYT

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